The Province of Ontario

I have, especially since our whole tenant-from-hell nightmare, been paying attention to how many things are messed up in Ontario right now. There are, it seems to me, very few services provided by the province that are NOT seriously messed up.

Some examples:

$230 million (or more) spent to NOT build power plants…. and the apparent inability of people to even manage to pull together the relevant documents.

And on a related topic, when we  are all good green citizens and do as we’re asked to conserve power, they “have” to sell off the surplus at ridiculously low prices, or even, apparently, pay other places to take it.

Sheriff’s Offices that take weeks or months to NOT do their jobs.

The Landlord & Tenant Board.

The Office of the Coroner, and the inquest system.

The ORNGE scandal

Homelessness in Ontario – which is only going to get worse, given cuts to funding for startup assistance.

Unsafe nursing home facilities, where acting out individuals are places with passive people and staffing is inadequate to maintain safety. Also, inadequate services for seniors living in the community.

The Ontario government has, over recent years, made a mess of pretty much everything they’ve touched, it seems to me…  education, the DriveClean program, health care, energy, etc. etc. etc…. SO many examples I could keep going for days yet.  And now they’re crying poor, so it’s only going to get worse….and of course, it’s all the economy’s fault, nothing to do with them. How stupid do they think we are?

I feel for Kathleen Wynn… she has stepped into a huge mess and I see no hope of fixing any of it given the hash the Ontario Liberals have made of things so far. And the fact that she kept – never mind promoted!!!! – Deb Matthews – provided more than enough evidence for me that she is NOT going to be the leader Ontario needs. It is time for change. Big change.

Personally, I think that at all levels of government, there is too much building on systems already in place, and far too little attention paid to actually getting to the root of things, throwing out what doesn’t work, and starting from scratch to get things right. And far, FAR too little common sense….REAL common sense, not the sort that most politicians use.



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