Simcoe North All Candidates Debate – Midland Cultural Centre

voteJacobcarrotsThose who follow my blog (ha! Hi, mom! And Stephanie!) may be surprised to hear that I am no longer ~fond~ of the NDP in Simcoe North and that, while I continue to support them federally and hope for – and work toward – an NDP government, I will not be voting NDP this time around.

Long story full of ugly shit that doesn’t matter – but the end result is that I will be voting not for the NDP candidate but instead, for Jacob Kearey-Moreland.

When Jacob’s name was first raised, as a possible candidate for the NDP in Simcoe North, I was not, actually, all that enthusiastic. From what I’d seen, and been told by others, my impression was, actually, that he was a ~bit~ flakey – and I was concerned that flake would feed into people’s already well established ‘socialists are flakes’ narratives.

But, some people I liked and respected (and yes, that past tense usage is absolutely deliberate, in case you were wondering) were really enthusiastic, so okay …will have a look, try to keep an open mind, all that good stuff. And I did. And you know what? The kid has potential.

Yes, he’s young, and yes, he’s a bit of a flake 🙂

BUT he is also engaging, smart, creative, and respectful.

Honestly, it was that respectful thing that REALLY brought me on board.

IMO, some of the conversations that were happening on social media during the nomination period were downright rude, and one person in particular was making a point of attempting to bully and belittle Jacob.

And no matter how obnoxious, rude, & disrespectful that person was, Jacob answered him with nothing but respect, tact, & charm.

When challenged (rudely), he did not retaliate, nor did he ever come back with a flippant or rude answer.

If he knew the answer to the question he gave it; if he didn’t he said so, and went and researched it and/or gave it some thought… and then he came back with an absolutely appropriate and well-thought-out response.

When the NDP – stupidly, IMO, disqualified him for no good reason the day of the nomination meeting, Jacob continued to interact respectfully, politely, and with nothing but class.

I’m sold.

Tonight I attended the All Candidates Meeting at the MCC in Midland – and Jacob was far and away the most engaging, positive and intelligent candidate there, IMO. Since the NDP is too stupid for words and intent on shooting itself in the foot in Simcoe-North, Jacob is running as an interdependent cooperative candidate.

He is running on a platform that prioritizes social justice, food security, and the common good. And transparency. And optimism. And believing that WE, not HE, has all the answers.

The rest of the candidates in Simcoe North clearly do not believe that WE have anything to offer. They and their parties know best and we should just vote for them, STFU and go away. That’s not something I’ve ever actually been good at – shutting up and going away, I mean 🙂

Jacob Kearey-Moreland is the type of politician we need  – to lead us toward reconciliation with Aboriginal nations in Canada, toward equality and fairness and social justice. And most importantly, to engage youth. NOT just as voters, but as contributors, representatives, workers, ideas generators.

Yep, I’m old, and I have voted and supported the NDP forever …doesn’t matter. I will most definitely be voting for Jacob this time around.



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