Rona Ambrose (now) supports #MMIW Inquiry


WHY is this woman’s face plastered all over my social media feeds as if anything she says is worth sharing?

She, her boss, and her party were the very people that stripped the funding from the Sisters in Spirit Initiative in 2010. Took it away from NWAC where it was being effectively studied and worked on by Aboriginal women and families of the missing and murdered women and handed the funding instead to a committee of predominantly middle-aged white guys – high ranking cops who just couldn’t even wrap their heads around the actual problem never mind come up with any useful solutions to it. And who were so *)&(%%*&!@@#$% wrapped up in colonialism that they couldn’t even manage to write a report that wasn’t a prime example of the very sort of “attitudes that inspired the Indian residential schools system to ever again prevail.”

I have no doubt that had the SISI been allowed to continue their work then, Canada would be a great deal further ahead in addressing this issue than we are. Had the cons actually listened to them about what was going on and what was needed and here’s a thought – funded some of it! – women’s lives could have been saved. Families not destroyed.

Rona Ambrose herself noted that there have been lots of reports already written about the issue – but she and the cons not only failed to follow any of the recommendations those reports provided, they actually did things that were in direct opposition to them, including, most recently, reducing/removing funding for culturally sensitive programs supporting homeless Aboriginal people.

She disgusts me and I will be very glad when people move on and quit posting articles that feature her.

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