People Matter

Wrote it on Facebook…but then thought maybe I should post it here. So….

crankyColored2Just so freaking sad. How the hell is it possible that so many people’s lives seem to be regarded as disposable?


So many people without even their basic needs met.

So many people who don’t care…. or who do, but who feel powerless to make a difference. They’re not really – but as long as they believe they are, they’re right.

In Ukraine, so many people who worked so hard for so many years to learn so much that could have helped others wiped out in an instant.

In ….hell…I don’t even know what to call it any more – Palestine? Gaza? Is there enough land left there to still consider anything Palestine’s? So many lives lost so pointlessly. It absolutely sickens me that we – Canada – are in any way supporting that whole freaking disgusting pitiful mess… never mind that we are clearly on the side of the bullies, not the victims.

Syria. The missing girls. And we’re no better here at home …missing & murdered Aboriginal women; communities without potable water, schools for their kids; prisons full of people who shouldn’t be there – Aboriginal men & women; people with mental illnesses; people with developmental challenges.

Because we’ve got it all backwards. All around the world, we have it backwards. PEOPLE need to come first. Before ~economies~ (a freaking stupid term that means nothing); before land (you can’t have it, you can only use it – and if you destroy it, then not even that); before stuff (especially useless stuff, or stuff that is meant only to harm others).

It is all so freaking depressing….and yes, that makes it tempting to feel powerless to make a difference…. but we have to believe that we can. I have to believe that we can. We must. I must.

I don’t know how much good protests actually do – the Harper cons’ only reaction seems to be to simply add attendees & organizers names to their enemies list and move on – but if nothing else it is good to see that I am not alone in my distress. Going to try to make it to one of these protests against Canadian support of Israel.

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