So – before I start in on ranting about Attawapiskat, Ashley Smith, Aboriginal peoples in Canadian prisons, Sisters in Spirit funding, and a multitude of other issues that make me crazy – which is, of course, the plan, at least right now, for this blog – a brief introduction.

You may notice that many of the issues that make me crazy involve Aboriginal people in Canada. Allow me to clarify, just in case you happened to come here through my facebook page or whatever – PROUDFOOT is NOT an Aboriginal name. Neither I or my husband or anyone else in my family is Aboriginal. Not that it would be a bad thing if we were – but it is just not the case.

I have no right to speak on behalf of Aboriginal people, and so I do not. I speak from the viewpoint of a somewhat educated, interested, and extremely frustrated, embarassed and altogether-too-often-ashamed-to-be-Canadian Canadian.

My concern for the ways that Aboriginal people are treated in Canada is because the ways that Aboriginal people in Canada are treated is just plain WRONG in altogether too many cases.

Other issues, too, will likely find their way into this blog – and some of these are more directly related to my own experiences and identity, for what that’s worth. But right now, it is the issues that I have already mentioned that are stuck in my craw…. so let’s start there….



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