How many more…?

And if they don’t wind up dead, does that mean we don’t have to care about their suffering?

I was home watching the Ashley Smith inquest today.. hubby, though, was out killing bedbugs…and on his way back, happened to catch The Story From Here on CBC radio. He told me I needed to go listen to it. Silly man – he knows these stories just get me going.

The episode is called Courage of the Caregiver, and this story is near the beginning of the episode.

And indeed, this is one of those stories that makes me sick – and also hopping mad.

24 year old young woman with multiple issues, including outbursts/occasional acting out …she WAS doing well in a placement that was able to support her with people that were able to provide her with what she needed. She was enjoying her life, maintaining positive connections with her family and others, and working. Is that not what we as a society WANT for people with such challenges?

Apparently not. When the family she was living with wanted to make a change in the way they provided that support, it all fell apart. And the Province’s solution for this young woman?

A totally inappropriate placement, with people far more delayed than she is, and staff that clearly are not prepared to deal with her issues.

So … they call the police, and she winds up in jail. So far, only for relatively short periods…  but with 17 police contacts over the last 5 years, and now that she’s on probation, how long do we figure it’ll be before she does something that deserves a death sentence in Canada… like gee…I dunno…throws a crabapple at a mailman or something?

And yeah, the Quest website mentions psychological and psychiatric services and all sorts of good things, but if you listened to the interview with Mom, it’s pretty clear that they are limited and NOT being provided to this young woman.

How did we become a society where people matter so little to us?

How did we become a country that no longer can be bothered to care for the most vulnerable among us?

What is it going to take before we find some humanity and common sense again?


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