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Back to Work

I listened to a bit of one of today’s ridiculous videos about the Ontario College Teacher’s strike. Seriously, people, think!! College teachers are getting all sorts of flack for wanting a say in what happens in our classrooms. Academic freedom?! … Continue reading

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Reading the Plan: 5 – Keep schools open and foster healthy communities

So… some good ideas about schools – focus on keeping them open, vibrant, health-promoting & important parts of communities… oh, and hire about 1000 teachers to get health and physical education back to where it should have been all along. So… … Continue reading

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Reading the Plan: 4 – Cut ER wait times in half and make healthcare a priority

Well, nobody is perfect, right? While I do think there are some good ideas in this section of the ONDP platform, it fails to address some of my specific concerns about health care in Ontario. For nurse practioners and family … Continue reading

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Reading the Plan: 3 – Take HST off hydro and make life more affordable

Honestly not so enamoured of the HST off hydro plan… not that I don’t like it… but more I just don’t care about it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not the HST on my hydro bill that makes no sense, … Continue reading

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Reading “Andrea Horwath’s Plan that Makes Sense” (1- Transparency & Accountability)

So… not many people actually care what I think about this stuff and I know it… but what the heck… going to share my thoughts on the ONDP plan anyway. Starting with the title – when the ONDP first started … Continue reading

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Why Wait?

Both the Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail have posted editorials arguing that, as per the Office of the Correctional Investigator report Risky Business which I wrote about in my last post, mentally ill inmates should be provided the … Continue reading

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There’s more to Liberals than scandals…

according to Kathleen Wynne, that is…. we should all look beyond the gas plants, eHealth, Ornge scandals…. lost not lost emails, and huge amounts of taxpayer money that has essentially been flushed… Yeah okay …. I’ll look beyond …. guess … Continue reading

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So many things are aggravating me today. Mr. Harper, of course…. it sickens me that he (& others) couldn’t even be bothered to wait until the victims of the tragedy in Lac-Megantic were identified &/or recovered (funding cuts, don’t you know) before he … Continue reading

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