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Rona Ambrose (now) supports #MMIW Inquiry

Seriously? WHY is this woman’s face plastered all over my social media feeds as if anything she says is worth sharing? She, her boss, and her party were the very people that stripped the funding from the Sisters in Spirit Initiative in … Continue reading

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MMIW “it isn’t really high on our radar, to be honest”

Yes, Mr. Prime Minister – why don’t we be honest? The issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women is not high on your radar because the current situation is perfectly acceptable to you and your party as it is, with … Continue reading

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No compromise?

Read No compromise in sight for First Nations protesters and feds on the Sun News site this morning. Seriously, I should know better than to even glance at the comments threads on articles like this. The article itself is surprisingly … Continue reading

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For pity’s sake

Made the mistake of reading a few comments on this article about Chief Theresa Spence’s ongoing hunger strike. I should have skipped the comment section, I guess. I should know better by now – they’re everywhere… on Twitter (tagged #idlenomore … Continue reading

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We don’t find that outrageous

One of the comments made during yesterday’s episode of the media panel on Q that stuck with me was made by Jonathan Kay of the National Post. When asked about the National Post’s lack of coverage to date, he said … Continue reading

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