Blame the refugees

Was just reading an article about changes to Autism treatment funding for Ontario children and there we go …apparently some Canadians  blame the refugees for that too.

Homelessness? Blame the refugees.

Cuts to – well, anything –  blame the refugees.

Unemployment? Rising food prices? Can’t find a day care space? Nothing to watch on television? Your kid didn’t get picked for the team? We all know who to blame, right?

I dunno – maybe it’s an improvement…. if the trolls are all busy blaming the refugees, maybe they’re leaving their other favourite targets alone… ?  Have we moved on from blaming Aboriginal people and/or poor people for every challenge Canada faces? I guess that could be seen as a plus.

Thing is, though, that this blame the refugees strategy that is so ubiquitous online right now is every bit as wrong.

And counterproductive as all hell too!

This was my response to the woman in the autism thread:

*sigh* sure, let’s blame the refugees for everything that they have absolutely nothing to do with; that’ll help everyone.

Maybe we can be SO effective at building hate towards them that they’ll be prevented from ever fitting in and then we can continue to support them forever instead of seeing them get settled, working & contributing. Wow! Then we’ll REALLY be winners, eh?!

Oh Canada.

That’s the thing that most irks me about this blame game. Even if you were right, you lose.

Sure, we can blame, punish, hate all *insert target here* – but in the long run, does it actually help anyone at all?

If you don’t like the fact that *insert target here* are getting government assistance of any sort, maybe you might want to think about how to make it easier, not harder, for people to move from one side of the balance sheet  to the other? From being on any sort of government assistance to paying taxes and contributing?

Does hating on *insert target here*  help towards that goal?

If not, maybe you might want to think about a different strategy?

Just a thought!

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