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I listened to a bit of one of today’s ridiculous videos about the Ontario College Teacher’s strike. Seriously, people, think!!

College teachers are getting all sorts of flack for wanting a say in what happens in our classrooms. Academic freedom?! Hell no!!!!

Alrighty then. What that means is that you can not expect us to return to our classrooms without an opportunity to hear from those bosses of ours about what the plans are. How are schedules, teaching methods, grading, etc going to change given the four/five weeks we’ve lost? We are not worthy to make such decisions.

Kathleen Wynne, Deb Matthews and all the rest of those non-NDP types would have you believe that it is the NDP that is preventing students from getting back to school.

Uh … nope! Even if they had allowed it all to go through on Friday, we would have to have had a meeting on Monday so that we can be told. If it takes all weekend? Still no reason we can’t have meetings on Monday.

So – the NDP is making a point – that they stand for workers’ rights in Ontario without harming students even the tiniest bit. They also showed up to support us at our rally at Queen’s Park, by the way. Wynne and Matthews, et al were otherwise engaged.

So let’s all carry on about the NDP, why don’t we?

IMAGINE!! Politicians who think that people should have RIGHTS!! Actual jobs, even!!! WHAT is this world coming to! Keep that up, it might even be worth going to college to get an education!

Still won’t be voting NDP any time soon (I’m still extremely miffed with the abuse I suffered at their hands). But in this? The Liberals are bold faced lying to y’all.

Classes will start this week. And all that delay that kept Ontario students out of class all this time? Most of he blame for that belongs squarely in the laps of the College Employer Council. They had one job – and they absolutely refused to do it. And our majority Liberal government refused to make them, so they share some responsibility for the delay, also.


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