Another Canadian killed

Just half-listening to the CBC news broadcast and heard about a Toronto man who was killed – apparently by police – while visiting Grenada over the holidays. He mistook a police officer for someone he knew and hugged her – which police interpreted as an assault worthy of beating him to death.


I don’t know much about Grenada – but this story puts it right up there with Mexico in my mind – another place I would never want to go. I see commercials for Mexican vacations all the time on Canadian and US television stations – apparently it is a popular tourist destination with Canadians. Why, I do not know.

I don’t much care how warm and welcoming they try to make it look – every time I see one, it only reminds me of how many Canadians have been raped &/ murdered there… or in other cases, charged with various offenses even when such charges were clearly ridiculous…. and about how very ineffectual my own government is at ~assisting~ Canadians who find themselves in any sort of problem in other countries.

Thanks but no thanks… I’ll stay home. Not that Canada is perfect – far from it, in fact. But still… it is home.

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