And she’s back…

Funny …. the last time I wrote anything on this blog was just before I started a new job that quickly took over my life.

And now that I’m no longer working there, here I am.

I had forgotten my password, so getting here required rather a lot of time and energy but I was so extremely irked that I did it. I shall catch up on my marking tomorrow. Maybe. It seems to be 4:51 am and I’m here, not in bed, so perhaps that might be a bit ambitious.

In any case, I’m not going to start venting here tonight. We shall have to see what tomorrow brings, I suppose!

I should probably send the letter I just finished writing now, as who knows what time I will be functional tomorrow – but I will wait on that too. Sleep on it, as it were.

I’ve spent altogether too much time on all of it today. Irked! Did I mention I am irked?

I am not fond of petty people.

I’m also not fond of technology that changes everything for no good reason! What is it with this blocks thing? Guess I shall have to find a tutorial or something. So far, I’m not impressed.

But then it is almost 5 am and I started in a bad mood to begin with.


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