A question of loyalty

loyalty cardOne of the tactics those who support the continuing leadership of Tom Mulcair are using is to accuse anyone who questions it of being disloyal to the party.

Seriously, folks?

Loyalty to a cause should not take the form of blind obedience and unquestioning willingness to anyone, including the elected leader of that cause. That is not loyalty. That is an abjection of all responsibility to the cause, to the organization, and to one’s fellow members.

Tom Mulcair is not the NDP. To be blindly loyal to him is to be completely and utterly DISloyal to the NDP and to the social democratic principles it is supposed to represent.

To question, to challenge, to strive to do better and to demand better of our leadership is not disloyalty. It is the way that change happens.

If you ask me, those people who are running around spouting the victim narrative and demanding that everyone else shut up are the ones that are disloyal to the NDP, to our fellow Canadians, to ourselves and our families.

Productive change grows from discontent. From the thunder, to use Patricia Monture-Angus’ term.

Know what grows from everything is wonderful? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Unless the status quo is what we are shooting for, loyalty to the NDP means addressing what we can do better and how. And then doing it.

And those who are intent on trying to shut the rest of us up are, actually, the ones who are being disloyal. IMO.




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