Reading the Plan: 3 – Take HST off hydro and make life more affordable

SOAPBOXHonestly not so enamoured of the HST off hydro plan… not that I don’t like it… but more I just don’t care about it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not the HST on my hydro bill that makes no sense, it’s all the stuff that has sweet **** all to do with how much electricity I actually use.

I attended a debate last Saturday – Simcoe North candidates. One of the absolute funniest things was when our Liberal candidate, Fred Larson, started going on about how Ontario doesn’t pay any more for hydro than other places at all … it’s 12.something or other a kw hour here, lower than other places – he had examples.

Uh huh…and I’m so freaking stupid that I am going to forget everything I see every time I look at my hydro bill and say oh, alrighty then… it’s okay that I am having to pay for your CEO’s freaking ridiculous bonuses, and pay money to other places to TAKE our excess hydro, and pay for your government’s decision to back out of contracts you shouldn’t have made in the first place and…and… and….  I wanted to yell at him then, and I am fighting the urge to swear here ….suffice to say removing 13% off of my hydro bill  isn’t enough to solve this particular problem.

Fortunately, the Horwath and the ONDP know that, and are committed to fixing the huge freaking unwieldy mess that preceding governments – both PC and Liberal – have caused. So good-bye HST, good-bye debt retirement (my arse) charge, and good-bye bloated bonuses and severance packages and other assorted ways of ripping us off – and good riddance.

Other parts of the plan to make life more affordable – reducing insurance rates, freezing post-secondary tuition rates (and making student loans interest free, too!), and maintaining day care centres in spite of the mess that the Liberal’s full day kindergarten caused (will they never learn to think things through and do them right?) … all good stuff, right?

What is Hudak the Hammer going to do to make life more affordable? Give breaks to the people who already have …. because they are the only people that matter. And maybe some day all those haves will have enough that they might start thinking that they should maybe give a whit about the have-nots… but don’t be holding your breath on that, k? It hasn’t worked for the vast majority of us yet, and it won’t start now.

And what is Wynne going to do to make my life more affordable, I wonder? Might she somehow return the $30,000 or more that her government has cost my husband & I in the last 2 years? Seriously – I am not exaggerating.

When Ontario agencies don’t work, they cause harm. In some cases physical harm – think dead seniors in nursing homes and dead babies in unlicensed day cares a la Liberals – or dead people all over the place under Harris (Kimberly Rogers, residents of Walkerton, countless homeless people…) …. and in other cases, ~just~ financial or to health and/or well being.

Wynne’s government would have to come up with a whole lot of plans to make my life more affordable to balance out what the Ontario Liberals have cost me and mine. And sorry but a government that is in power (and thus has resources) but can’t be bothered to respond in any way to the taxpayers it is ******** – and who can’t be bothered to follow through on any of the promises they’ve made in previous budgets?  I don’t think so.

Do I think I’ll feel less put upon under an NDP government? Yes, actually … even if they were to discover that we couldn’t afford to do everything they want to do as quickly as they intend – they are the only party that values and respects people before things, and that matters to me. A lot.

I don’t mind paying taxes  to support people.

I do mind paying them for things I do not value (like imaginary gas plants, or for corporations to download all the costs of educating their employees to taxpayers, or for ~services~ like the Legalized Theft Board or the Sheriff’s Office to abuse me).

I don’t mind paying fees for what I use/need, like hydro or gas – I do very much mind paying fees to cover the costs of the Ontario Liberals poor planning &/or lack of oversight (eHealth, ORNGE, gas plants, etc). So unreasonable, eh?

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