Reading the Plan: 2 – Reward job creators and get Ontario moving again

So important, this section! Here, the Plan talks about rewarding businesses that create jobs with tax credits, and gradually reducing small business taxes; attracting manufacturing through incentives for upgrades and expansions; actually investing in transit projects (rather than just flapping gums); and supporting people who want to work to do exactly that.

tools4Definitely seems a lot more productive and positive than Hudak’s hammer (cut 100,000 good jobs, replace them with a “million” craptastic mcJobs) and Wynne’s totally empty toolbox.

Ontario needs to work. And, I strongly believe, most Ontarians want to work.

Investing in retraining, and in technology, creativity, manufacturing & small businesses just makes sense.

And yes, as a small business person (pest control and – reluctantly – landlording) I welcome the possibility of tax credits for creating positions…even though the reality is that because our business is seasonal, I’m unlikely to benefit. And as a post-secondary teacher, I welcome plans that will create jobs for students, rather than un-or-under-employment (as we have with Wynne already, and the Hammer plans to make worse)

I will, however, benefit if and when Ontario regains its position as a strong leader in Canada’s economy – and so will you.

So yep, in this section too, I can support the ONDP plan.


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