Reading “Andrea Horwath’s Plan that Makes Sense” (1- Transparency & Accountability)

So… not many people actually care what I think about this stuff and I know it… but what the heck… going to share my thoughts on the ONDP plan anyway.

Starting with the title – when the ONDP first started going on about making “sense” I cringed – too much association with Harris for me… the PC government that completely and utterly destroyed ….redefined….bastardized the term ‘common sense.’ But then Hudak started spouting off about his (axe a) million jobs plan…. Evoking the disaster of the Harris government – making anyone who gives a **** about anyone cringe – is probably an effective gambit…. as long as its clear that the Horwath plan is about actually making sense, not ‘common sense’, and I think it is, in spite of a few pundits’ attempts to paint her as becoming right-wing (speaking of utter nonsense!)


Respect your tax dollars and invest responsibly 

What’s not to like here? It totally makes sense to me to move towards increased transparency and accountability; working smarter, not harder; and expecting corporations to pay their share. A 1% increase in corporate taxes isn’t going to break them (Hudak’s fear-mongering aside, most report obscene annual profit) – but it can make a huge difference in Ontario families’ lives.

One of the points in this section that speaks to me personally is the notion of consolidating agencies that overlap …there are so many areas among provincial agencies that are honestly a mess, and a whole lot of cleaning up and streamlining that could be done – that will, I hope, be done under an NDP government. They should hire me! LOL I have all sorts of plans and ideas for ways we can do things better – and cheaper (in the long run).

Anyway, in terms of accountability and transparency, I am happy with the NDP proposal, and honestly feel as though this one in a no-brainer.

The PCs have proven time and time again that when they form the government (and even when they do not) they consider our tax dollars to be theirs and we should just shut our mouths and not worry our little heads about what they are doing with it; they know best. I do not think that is reasonable, nor do I think it fair that our input – about anything – is so thoroughly ignored. So no, I don’t trust them to be transparent and accountable with my money.

And the Ontario Liberals NEED a time out and a big ol’ slap on the bottom for the billions and billions of our tax dollars that they have wasted over the last ten years. Seriously!? Who could even entertain the notion of voting them back in right now? Would that not be giving them license to flush even more billions down the same toilets? You know it would! Seriously! ORNG. Gas Plants. eHealth. Hydro. And they’re paying people all over the freaking province to not do their jobs on top of it! Just say no. NO!

Do I think that the ONDP will be able to do what they say here as quickly and as effectively as they lay it out here? No, not really … I think that changes take time – in some cases a whole lot of it and a whole lot of working through resistance to it – merging 4 hydro agencies for example, is likely to be an incredibly challenging mountain to climb. I also recognize that they have had to rely on Wynne’s Liberals for some of the numbers and since I have no trust at all in the Wynne Liberals, we could well be in for some unpleasant surprises that will have to be accommodated.

But do I believe that Andrea Horwath is a lot more inclined to actually be transparent and accountable than either Hudak the Hammer or Wynne? Absolutely.

On this issue, the NDP plan clearly gets my support (with the caveat that the Minster of Savings & Accountability and the Financial Accountability Office are not, I presume, two separate offices, but rather, closely related and properly set up so as to not create duplication)

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