Comment Threads show Canadians are paying attention to Ashley Smith Inquest

Transparency: not just a catchwordWas reading Ashley Smith inquest: Corrections chief tried to duck testifying at the site and wandered through the comment threads…. haven’t done that for awhile. What a difference!!!

Honestly, when the Fifth Estate documentary first came out and I was reading comment threads, I despaired of my fellow Canadians. The lack of empathy and understanding of so many commenters was appalling…. sickening….    So upsetting; it really changed the way I viewed Canada & Canadians…

Fast forward to more recent comment threads and oh my goodness, what a difference! Even though there are varying levels of knowledge and understanding among commenters, it seems clear that people have moved beyond the simple “it was _________’s fault” to understanding that what happened to Ashley involved many people, many decisions, and many systems.

More information –> more understanding –> more meaningful dialog & discussion … go figure.

A pretty strong argument for transparency, if you ask me.

I find it exciting…and encouraging! Perhaps someday I will be able to go into comment threads on articles related to Aboriginal issues in Canada without despair, too! That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

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