There’s more to Liberals than scandals…

according to Kathleen Wynne, that is…. we should all look beyond the gas plants, eHealth, Ornge scandals…. lost not lost emails, and huge amounts of taxpayer money that has essentially been flushed…

Yeah okay ….

I’ll look beyond …. guess what, Ms. Wynne? It doesn’t get better when I do that. Let’s look at what I get for my taxes, why don’t we?

My tenants can rip me off for thousands of dollars with the help of the Legalized Theft Board. They can stay in my house for months, paying not one blessed cent, and collecting shelter allowances from Ontario taxpayers – and that’s all just hunky dory fine with the Ontario government. Good use of my hard earned money, eh?

We taxpayers pay taxes for ~services~ like those offered by the Sheriff’s Office – and we pay their salaries and fees for them to take weeks to do anything….and even have to pay them through the month of December when they do NO work. Good use of my hard earned money, eh?

Tenants can do this to my beautiful old house – without penalty …and there’s not a blessed thing I can do about it. Good use of my hard earned money, eh?

You DO know that it’s more likely to be landlords than tenants that pay taxes, right?

So okay …. I’m a ~little~ sour on the whole landlording gig right now… lets look past that too…

The government of Ontario:

  • killed the Community Start Up benefit, ensuring that many low income tenants are stuck where they are.
  • provided funding for necessary surgeries just long enough to reduce wait times and get some good press and then quietly yanked it so that people who were a bit too late, like my mom, get to wait far too long for surgery.
  • failed to act on complaints regarding more than 20 children at an unlicensed day care until, that is, a child died
  • did a lousy job with nursing home inspections – and yeah, people died there too. And, by the way, nursing homes are not an appropriate placement for young people with disabilities.
  • want to talk about mental health services? How many people in need of help are turned away from Ontario facilities? How many are in jail? How is it possible that there could be 12,000 young people on a wait list for mental health services in Ontario?
  • The new & improved Drive Clean program? A joke… not a funny one though

Seriously, in about every place in which I have to interact with the Ontario government in any way, I am beyond frustrated. My tax money is not well spent, and I have no faith whatsoever in you or your government’s desire or ability to change that.

I did try to give you the benefit of the doubt  – even wrote emails to you and several Ministers responsible for areas I have concerns about. Only one response – from the Ministry of Health. You, Ms. Wynne, clearly don’t shive a git about what I have to say… you’ve ignored no fewer than 3 emails … not so much as an acknowledgement (did you know you could set those up to happen automatically? Really not that hard).

So yeah… you can encourage me to look beyond the scandals – but when I do that, the only thing I see is failures.

Was that what you had in mind?




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