So many things are aggravating me today.

Mr. Harper, of course…. it sickens me that he (& others) couldn’t even be bothered to wait until the victims of the tragedy in Lac-Megantic were identified &/or recovered (funding cuts, don’t you know) before he began to use it in his we-need-pipelines-spin.

Actually, he irks me on so many levels right now….

the whole tough on crime, lock up the mentally ill and throw away the key, build more prisons (since we can’t do residential schools any more) agenda makes me want to hurl. It is just. so. wrong.

his continued lack of any constructive action in regards to Canada’s obligations to Aboriginal peoples in Canada. Going in the wrong direction, sir. SO in the wrong direction.

his ~performance~ in the wake of the flood in Calgary and in Lac-Megantic… FFS! I know he regards 99% of Canadians with contempt but seriously, if he can’t keep from showing it in these situations how ’bout you go back to China or some place? Seriously… Bush Jr. did a better job with 9-11 than Harper does with any Canadian tragedy … that’s pretty bad.

and his speech – slagging both the NDP and the Liberal party – at the Calgary Stampede this week (cuz where else would you be when Canadians have been potentially “vapourized” by a product being carried on a system that you and your fellow cons have deregulated to the point where this could even happen but at the Calgary Stampede?)

… of course what really infuriates me about that particular speech (and SO many others like it) is that so many Canadians are so politically uninvolved that they don’t bother to apply even a modicum of critical thinking towards anything that he says or that gets into the media. People buy his BS!!!!!  And repeat it as fact, even. SO disturbing.

  • On the plus side though, did come across this Manifesto by George Lakoff on my Facebook wall …. have been through it once, but will read it again in more detail once I calm down some. In it, he explains the sort of framing of messages that people like Harper and his fellow cons use… and gives strategies for progressives to use to combat the BS. US content but relevant none-the-less.
  • and one more plus – Vic Toews has resigned

Whole bunch of things irking me at the provincial level of things too …

my mom needs cataract surgery …. and has been given a date for next April. >10 months…seriously?! Thought Ontario was all about improving wait times for that? Yeah …. according to their media hype they are … but in reality, they had some improvements, hyped them all over the media, and then cut funding for them. Ridiculous!!!!

HOW does it save taxpayers’ money to require people to stop working, stop driving, stop being independent while they wait 10 or more months for a relatively simple 30 minute surgery? I’ve emailed Deb Matthews, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care …will post if I ever get a response. Not holding my breath though. I do not understand how – given her abysmal performance in every area of health and long term care in Ontario, she is still in that position. Unbelievable!

Am also still waiting on an actual response to my emails to Cindy Forster, who is the NDP housing critic, re: my concerns – and low/no-cost suggestions to solve a big part of the affordable housing problem for marginalized people in Ontario.  Have emailed Wynne and the Liberal Minister for Housing as well…. not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement from them (did get one of those from Forster, at least)…. but it is actually the NDP lack of response that most thoroughly irks me.

I don’t expect much from Ontario Liberals …I do, however, expect better from MY party … the party I support both financially and as a volunteer…

I am actually, as a result of my participation in the OLA, quite perturbed with rather a number of things NDP….  so tired of wing nuts coming in, posting stOOpid stuff, and proudly proclaiming that they are NDP. One of them even posts using pictures of Andrea Horwath as her avatar.  They make me look like a wing nut by association and I do not care for that at all.

None of the people I have actually met, talked to, & worked with during my involvement with the NDP here in Simcoe North – which includes Andrea Horwath, actually – has been the least bit wing-nut-ish …   so why is it that there are so many people posting online who claim to be NDP? They are hurting the party, and that seriously irks me.

We seriously need to do a much better job – to go back to George Lakoff’s argument – of framing our concerns and our approaches to them.

Anyway …. time I was hopping down off my soapbox and running some errands…

Would love to hear from you though…. what issues most irk you?

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  1. Mary Reid says:

    Why am I not on this and checking it out. I will.
    My son has a site you might like, he is traveling around the world http://www.the
    Great stuff here. Thank you.
    I’ll be in Toronto on October.

    • LProudfoot says:

      Link didn’t work so I googled it…. for anyone that wants to stop by. The leech grossed me out though! Ew!

      In Toronto for something specific? I get there once a month or so to go to the Inquest in person …should do coffee 🙂

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