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My thoughts about #OttawaShooting

First things first – I feel nothing but grief and sadness for the family of Nathan Cirillo. I am so very sorry for their loss. And for the family of Patrice Vincent. I am so very sorry for their loss. … Continue reading

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I am a (disgusted) Witness

I’ve been following the proceedings at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, which is examining the way that services for First Nations children are (under)funded. This is the last week; closing arguments. I’ve also spent some time reading some, although far … Continue reading

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Things I wish we – as in the NDP – did better

So… the Ontario election is over, and we’re heading into a federal election… Our results in Ontario were disappointing …. and honestly, I’m not all that hopeful about the upcoming federal election, either. I like Thomas Mulcair, and I continue … Continue reading

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More on welfare reform – the kids

More things I would do in my quest to overhaul the welfare system…. Focus on breaking the cycle. We’ve all heard of, an in many cases seen, families in which the kids grew up on welfare, hit adulthood, and ended … Continue reading

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How would my government handle welfare if we began with the belief that all people – yes, ~gasp~ even those who need financial help – were valued and treated with respect? Not regarded as lazy liars & cheats, but as … Continue reading

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Went to a meeting in Toronto today – which only matters because the drive – plus the fact that Saturday evening on CBC Radio is all music which I do not care for (if I wanted music, I could listen … Continue reading

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People Matter

Wrote it on Facebook…but then thought maybe I should post it here. So…. Just so freaking sad. How the hell is it possible that so many people’s lives seem to be regarded as disposable? THINGS DON’T MATTER; PEOPLE DO. So … Continue reading

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Ontario Liberals win a majority

So discouraging. I would much rather have had another minority government – at least then, there would be some need for accountability …but seriously…a majority? What the heck!!!!! Because of Ontario Liberal’s mismanagement over the last 10 years low income/disabled … Continue reading

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Reading the Plan: 5 – Keep schools open and foster healthy communities

So… some good ideas about schools – focus on keeping them open, vibrant, health-promoting¬†& important parts of communities… oh, and hire about 1000 teachers to get health and physical education back to where it should have been all along. So… … Continue reading

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Reading the Plan: 4 – Cut ER wait times in half and make healthcare a priority

Well, nobody is perfect, right? While I do think there are some good ideas in this section of the ONDP platform, it fails to address some of my specific concerns about health care in Ontario. For nurse practioners and family … Continue reading

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