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My thoughts about #OttawaShooting

First things first – I feel nothing but grief and sadness for the family of Nathan Cirillo. I am so very sorry for their loss. And for the family of Patrice Vincent. I am so very sorry for their loss. … Continue reading

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I am a (disgusted) Witness

I’ve been following the proceedings at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, which is examining the way that services for First Nations children are (under)funded. This is the last week; closing arguments. I’ve also spent some time reading some, although far … Continue reading

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Things I wish we – as in the NDP – did better

So… the Ontario election is over, and we’re heading into a federal election… Our results in Ontario were disappointing …. and honestly, I’m not all that hopeful about the upcoming federal election, either. I like Thomas Mulcair, and I continue … Continue reading

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