Troublefree landlording

As you can see, I haven’t posted on this blog in awhile. Like as in since last May!

My bad!!

Lots of issues in the news and so on that I could have should have written about over that time – but since my own landlording has been going so smoothly, I guess I just haven’t been irked enough.

And honestly, still not irked.

I am very happy to report that after 2 Christmases totally ruined by tenants-from-hell, we don’t have any tenants-from-hell at all right now. The Peterborough house was sold, to a guy that planned to use it pretty much as we did when we bought it; live there while going to school, rent out rooms. I hope he has a better experience with it than we did!

We do still have one property that includes two units – but good tenants in both. You know – the sort of tenants that pay their rent without a hassle and can be counted on to let us know if there’s a problem (there haven’t been, actually – but I know that if there were, they would tell us rather than expecting us to just know). That’s all it takes to make me happy.

Christmas without the stress of terrible tenants is definitely my best gift this year. Here’s hoping ’tis the same for you, too.

Happy landlording! christmas ribbon tree

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2 Responses to Troublefree landlording

  1. Nick says:

    Dear OnLandlording,

    I’m a good tenant. I pay my rent on time, speak up about problems that might cost my landlord down the line, and always try to fix things myself.

    Heating has been a problem this winter. I have a suspicion that the landlord would rather have small work done like fixing the radiators rather than admit she has a problem with the boiler. Recently, she had a plumber come and put new steam valves on the radiators. The plumber “needed” to be paid on the spot, so I volunteered to pay him and take the $300 off my rent.

    Now my landlord is asking me not to take the $300 off my rent. She wants to send me a check at some point and have me pay the full rent. That means I’m going to have my rent + $300 out of my bank account at one time. To be honest, the principle of the thing really gets to me. Why should I have to advance money to someone, wait for checks to clear, and run to the bank so I can have working heat. I could have avoided the whole thing and reported her to the city for failing to provide heat in the first place.

    You’re a landlord. Why would she do this? Am I being a bad tenant by refusing to eat the cost? Is that unreasonable?


  2. admin says:

    Absolutely not! I would never expect a tenant to pay for repairs, and if they did, I certainly wouldn’t then also expect them to pay their full rent.

    I think you are absolutely within your rights to pay your rent – $300 …. include a copy of the receipt as well – but do keep a copy for yourself – of the receipt, and also of any communication you’ve had with her about the issue.

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