SO frustrating

So … our tenant from hell has moved out…. several weeks ago, according to what we’re hearing.

Unfortunately, she seems to have forgotten a few things.

backyard Tons of garbage and other assorted bits, a cat, a dog…. oh yeah…and – minor little detail – a kid or two.

One for sure – 15yo boy who, even after I met with CAS and was assured he was going to go live with his dad, is absolutely NOT living with his dad. Rather, he seems to wait until we leave for the day and then do whatever he needs to do to break in.

The other – a 10yo girl, is supposed to be with her dad, as is the younger boy – but Dad bold faced lies to CAS worker about the care he is supposedly providing them. In truth, the youngest is usually with the grandmother, and the 10yo girl – who not very long ago was the victim of the mom’s boyfriend’s violence – has apparently been staying at least part time with the 15yo – unsupervised – in MY house.

Pretty sad when I’ve spent more time with the CAS worker trying to make sure these kids are properly taken care of than the mom has, innit?

wall upstairsIn any case, when I returned on Thursday of this week – because they said they wanted into the house to move their stuff and we would be thrilled to have that happen – discovered the 15yo in “his” room sound asleep. Woke him up, had yet another discussion about you don’t live here any more and you are under age, you CANNOT live here any more…   he told me he’d come in through a kitchen window, but later discovered that the basement door had been forced open (and damaged in the process *sigh*).

Put in a call to the CAS worker, and another to the police; CAS never did bother to get back to me; the police did… 5 or 6 hours later, but whatever….at least they did show up. And give what I think is likely the best advice we’ve received to date, i.e. to remove the mattresses so that the house will at least be less comfortable for him.

Anyway … stuck around all damn day … talked to T, who claimed he had the truck and helpers … asked me to move my car to let the truck back up to the door… then left to go visit his dog and never bothered to come back.

After I left, got a message demanding that I be there again today at 11 to allow him to move stuff (because I have, apparently, nothing better to do than to hop to when they say) … I work on Fridays… but hubby went down today so they could have taken anything and everything they wanted… but once again, stopped by to say he’d be right back with the van he was going to use this time… left …and that was the last he saw of him.

Fun times!

The mom still hasn’t bothered to talk to me…. two letters full of lies and other assorted nonsense delivered via kids, is all. Perhaps I’ll post them at some point… I take pictures of each letter I get from her, plus my responses.

downstairs bathroomShe can’t seem to grasp the fact that she doesn’t have a leg to stand on here. In addition to the minor little detail that it is MY house and that she signed the rental agreement (complete with initials re: the clause about me retaining the use of the attic with access through the house and the use of the kitchen) and therefore, I have the right to be there whenever I want AND she is not and has never been a tenant as per the RTA …she moved out! A minimum of three weeks ago confirmed – but probably longer than that ago in reality.

Remember up there I mentioned the boyfriend injured the 10yo?  Mom decided that it was unreasonable for her to be expected to break up with him just because the lawyers and CAS worker says he can no longer be anywhere near the child. When he got out of jail, she dumped the kids and moved in with him. Because, you know, priorities.

The house is a disaster – they’ve broken no fewer than 10 windows (lowest quote we have for window replacements is $6,800) so it cannot be heated. There is nothing edible in the cupboards or refrigerator – well, nothing you or I would eat. There are no sinks in the bathrooms, they’ve destroyed the shower stall – oh yeah, and there are no undamaged doors, either…. the place, as it is right now, is not fit for habitation by the cat she left behind, never mind the kids!

She called the ministry of housing today and tried to make something of the fact that I had given her the option – to avoid eviction as of 21-Sept. – to sign an N11 for 31-Oct. Which I did – even though I did not NEED, legally, to go through the formal eviction process (shared kitchen = homeowner can evict immediately, no cause required). I did so in a misguided effort, actually, to impress on her that she REALLY needed to do something about finding another place… to give her time to make arrangements for herself and more importantly for her children. And I was HOPING that the piece of paper would make it easier for her to perhaps access some help via OW or the Peterborough Housing Resource Centre.

Have actually been trying to get her to at least talk to the PHRC ever since I discovered the disaster – for weeks she told me she had a meeting (complete with day & time)… but then when I would ask what they said, she’d say things like oh, they never called me back so I haven’t got an appointment yet. One lie after another.

Anyway, the deal was that she could remain with her kids until the end of October; that she needed to continue to pay the 3/4 of the rent that she was able to pay, and she would ensure no further damages (which should have been doable, since, according to her, D did all the damages and D no longer lived there – that’s why she couldn’t pay the full rent any more).

Except, of course, for the fact that since D has been gone …and since I have been ensuring that I am there at least one/two days a week if not more …. I am fully aware that they have continued to demolish things on a regular basis.  I cleaned up the nail polish SHE herself threw all over the kitchen walls, cupboards, stove & floor. I cleaned the blood off the hall of the stairway.  T broke a couple more windows just cause; the 15yo has demolished 2 more walls, and God only knows who has done all the rest… but suffice to say that even with D gone, the carnage continues.

And STILL we were resigned to waiting until the end of the month to see the back of them!

But when the 18yo kid called and demanded I get in my car and teleport myself to Peterborough to give her her rent cheque back – and when I said sure, but then your mom has to go too and she told me that her mom moved out weeks ago so that was no problem….?  Seems to me that demanding the rent cheques back (mom wants hers too – well no, she, like the kid, wants ME to cash them and give her the money but that’s not happening) …and the fact that she’s abandoned her underage kids there without food, heat, or even the most incompetent modicum of supervision…?

Yeah, you can take that N11 and …well, you know…

CAS doesn’t want the kid(s) there any more than I do.

The police have been through it and have no concerns about my having demanded they vacate.

And the woman from the ministry of housing – once she got past the sob story she was given and heard the truth – washed her hands of the whole mess.

Initially she wanted me to allow them until the 31st to retrieve all their stuff at least – but after a few minutes discussion, she even gave up on that…  agreed to let them know that they need to get what they want this week. Period.

Which would be great, if they only ever followed through. We keep going there so that they CAN get their stuff… but when we get there, buddy comes over and says he’ll be right back with the truck (Thursday) or van (Friday) and then never returns. At this point, we’ve spent an awful lot of time hanging round for their convenience…  done with that. They’ll have to get it at our convenience or it’ll be headed into a dumpster. Soon.

This whole situation is beyond ridiculous and I am SO out of patience.




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  1. Al says:

    I realize your post is rather old, but I still hope you were able to salvage *something* from this horrid situation! If I hear of anyone thinking of getting into the rental business, I’ll be telling them about my (much better than yours, but still crappy) situation, and will be pointing them here as additional deterrent!

    Good luck in moving on from this mess :-/

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