Have you seen the mess the freeman-on-the-land left behind?

I watched the tour on CTV …. wow!

She got off awfully easy.

I am, as a matter of fact, quite jealous.

We’ve been talking to realtors and various contractors about our rental property in Peterborough … gathering quotes, figuring out what we’ll need to do to fix the damages our tenants have done.

In the Alberta case, the house was a mess …. but rent a dumpster, fill it up, and give it a good cleaning and it looks like she’ll be good to go.

We, on the other hand, will have to replace every door and window in the house plus  two sinks and a shower stall; drywall a whole lot of walls; and scrub and paint the entire place before it will even be passable for renting, never mind selling.

And we will still be out the appliances that have gone missing – a dishwasher & fridge, both of which were bought new for the house.

We’re easily looking at thousands of dollars – not one cent of which we are ever likely to recover. Again.

Could, I suppose, take her to small claims court and get a judgement … but since she’s on assistance, there doesn’t seem much point to that.  Might do it anyway, just for spite, if she doesn’t get the hell out by the end of the month as promised, though.

I am SO done with landlording in Ontario.

Given the total lack of support for landlords here, there really is no point to it … one bad tenant is all it takes….  and it’s not even that you don’t make money … it costs you. Big time.

And not only that – you get blamed for it. Even though we are not allowed to discriminate, and according to the OHRC we’re not even supposed to ask questions about sources of income, etc…  even though we’re not permitted to find out a prospective tenant’s rental history or criminal record… it’s all, always, the landlord’s fault when things go bad.

In both of my tenant-from-hell cases, we chose to rent to single mom’s in desperate need of housing. Both had enough income to cover the rent, and references.  And both were fine for  about 8 months.

But none of that matters….  I was supposed to look into my crystal ball and see the jackasses they were going to hook up with months/years down the road and refuse to rent to them on that basis.

My bad….  I seem to have misplaced my crystal ball.


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