Another one bites the dust

So ….even though we were just there on Wednesday, hubby went to ~visit~ our house in Peterborough again today….surprise!

We can do that because, according to the tenant agreement, the attic apartment has never been theirs… it is not included in the rental, and I reserved the right to access it whenever the heck I want to – and also to use the main entrance and share the kitchen.

Given the extraordinary level of damage that is being done to our house every time we blink, frequent unannounced visits are definitely necessary.

So anyway … there is this one (relatively new) guy who has been hanging around and expressed interest in renting the place. Has a job and references and all that ~good~ stuff …BUT were leery because of the company he keeps – i.e. the current tenants.

Turns out our reluctance was well-placed…

apparently last night he announced that since we were replacing all the windows anyway, and since he was going to be renovating the house for us (for money) he could do whatever the **** he wanted – and he kicked in one of the few remaining unbroken windows.

Hmmmm… how to win friends, influence potential landlords, eh?

I think we’ll give that deal a pass.


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