Frustrated with OLA Eviction

So … I talk to a lot of people in the course of my travels… I do a lot of the phones & business management stuff for my husband’s pest control company … we deal with a lot of landlords, property managers and realtors.

And I know several people who are thinking about getting into – or in one case, already have jumped in – to  the landlording gig.

Normally I would happily recommend they purchase a membership in the Ontario Landlord’s Association … have done so regularly both in the forums and elsewhere ever since I joined.

but seeing as how I’ve been evicted from the OLA forums without so much as the decency of an email as to why – and for NOT doing a single blessed thing against any of their published rules, terms & conditions, or anything else I can find…..   not feeling very charitable about recommending them to anyone.  There’s a pretty big gap between what they claim to offer and what they do. …and it irks me that they’re still using my story and my pictures on their site and on twitter even after having evicted me for no good reason.

Was going to wait on signing up with the Federation of Rental Housing Providers (FRPO) – which seems an altogether more professional organization, but now I’m thinking I should do that sooner, rather than later. If they provide members with access to credit checks, that is. Will have to look into that.

Do you have experience with the FRPO? Any information as to the benefits of their membership would be most welcome. Why not leave a comment here, or better yet, come on by the forums and join the discussion?


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4 Responses to Frustrated with OLA Eviction

  1. Svartr says:

    Proof that the OLA protects its trolls, rather than their contributing members:

    This post and it’s poster is allowed to stay on the forum:
    “You can go play with the Svart, put her wheelchair and obese belly as part of you fantasy. Get off on some fat. Svart likes fatty wheelchair sex. Slam that blab against the metal guards, big man!”

    My post regarding trolls is ban worthy:
    “An unmonitored forum with an admin team that doesn’t seem to care,
    can sometimes be too tempting for some people to not take advantage of.”

    If anyone is still on that forum, tread lightly.

    • Svartr says:

      my unceremonial boot may be a good thing.

      The inflammatory posts have been removed.
      I just hope they CONTINUE to monitor their forum!

  2. admin says:

    The trolls really are running the show over there.

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