And another article possibly related to landlord licensing?

Next up on my twitterfeed – The Recession & Homelessness in the Waterloo Region. This blog post by  Isaac Coplan suggests that significant increases in Waterloo Region may be “due to the lingering effects of the 2008 economic recession” …. a bit of a stretch, in my opinion, given that the same article notes that homelessness has, in many other regions in Canada, decreased, not increased.

It seems far more likely to me that what makes the situation – and the stats – different in Waterloo region is the addition of landlord licensing, which has added significant costs for landlords – an average of $1,100 per unit for the landlord quoted in this article, for example.  That’s a pretty big chunk that most landlords will have no choice but to pass on to their tenants – if they even bother to stay in the business.

To suggest that landlords should just eat the cost, as some tenant activist groups suggest, is unreasonable  … given the lack of support for landlords in Ontario, all it takes right now is one bad tenant to wipe out a year or more of so-called-profit. We are not your social safety net, y’know – and it is unreasonable to expect that we should be.

So …added costs, added aggravation … and you still want me to rent to people without garnish-able sources of income and excellent credit ratings? Uh… yeah…. no.

What do you think about landlord licensing? Join the discussion at the ON Landlording forum.


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