Confiscation of property

Karen Selick: The law will confiscate your property if you can’t make your tenants behave.

Sad, but true. Infuriating, but true.

In Ontario, and in many other provinces as well, the law can and will confiscate a landlord’s property if tenants behave badly.

In the case described in this article, an Ontario couple lost their rental building, valued at about $400,000 because tenants used it as an “instrument of unlawful activity.”

Police were there many times and were, apparently, unable to do anything about that criminal activity. Presumably people were charged with offenses and allowed to return to the building rather than serving time – a failure of the legal/justice system?


All the landlords’ fault.

The article doesn’t detail whether the landlords were involved with the LTB – but since both the LTB and the Sheriff’s Office in Ontario do little or nothing to help landlords get rid of problem tenants, in my experience, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’d gone that route at least once, discovered it was a total waste of time, energy & resources, and given up on getting any help that way.

So…. the state strips landlords of any power to solve the problem of troublesome tenants, exonerates itself of any responsibility for dealing with criminal behaviour and then decides that it is entitled to walk in and take landlords’ property?!

Oh, Canada! What a freaking nightmare mess you have become.


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