ON Landlording in ON(tario)

Given my eviction from the Ontario Landlord’s Association I thought it was time to get serious about working towards actual change for landlords and tenants in Ontario. Still hoping I won’t BE a landlord in Ontario all that much longer – but there are serious issues which negatively impact on Ontarians and I hope that my experience – as an advocate for marginalized people, as a tenant, and as a landlord – will allow me to contribute in some small way.

If I can engage others – tenants, landlords, and policy makers in that – so much the better!

Blogger is fine – but having my own domain is better. So … here I am…..

There will be a forum as well…. well, there IS a forum already, actually – but still lots of work to do on that. Still, all are welcome – and if you have input as to what forums/threads you’d like to see in there, please do let me know.





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